WE have a mission to share yoga with more people!!

 Free Community Class

90 min 26 & 2 class (Bikram)

the last Saturday of every month at 11 am.

Join us, bring your friends!!

February 23rd

March 30th

Beginners are welcome to all classes on our schedule. Sign in below or register here.


6:30amHot 90Hot 90Hot 90
9amHot 90Hot 90Hot 90Hot 90Hot 90Hot 90Hot 90
11amFundamentalsHot 90Hot 90
4pmHot 90Hot 90
4:30pmHot 90Hot 90Hot 90Hot 90
5:30pmHot 90
6pmHot 90Hot 90
6:30pmHot 90Hot 90YIN

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