Why do I love hot yoga aka Bikram yoga?!

Where do I even begin? The mental, the physical, the spiritual benefits are beyond measure. Compared to any other type of fitness workout hot yoga exceeds the barriers. Why? because no practice is ever the same, the day-the time-what you ate, how you slept all contributes to your practice. The key word here is (YOUR) when you practice hot yoga its a group forum, yet it is all about you and your practice. You may be in a room filled with tons of yogis, yet your practice and mind set resonates from within you.

I had a baby a year ago and have not been able to practice now for 2 years. I would love to get back into the studio and focus on me for 90 minutes, focus on making me a better Mom, partner, sister, etc. Because hot yoga brings a vibe like no other.

Lesa Varie

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Well, today was my first day (after a ten year absence). I love this studio because it’s clean, the owner is generous and welcoming (as is everyone), and the class is challenging at all levels. Convenient parking, showers, changing rooms, etc.