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Well, today was my first day (after a ten year absence). I love this studio because it’s clean, the owner is generous and welcoming (as is everyone), and the class is challenging at all levels. Convenient parking, showers, changing rooms, etc.

The instructor was super nice! great class!

I haven’t done a HOT yoga class in years. This one didn’t disappoint. The instructor was awesome. She explained each pose perfec

Great instructors. Very friendly too.

Class was amazing. It was my first time ever doing yoga and the teacher was helpful and led a great class. She had a command of the room and was extremely helpful to a beginner as well as the more experienced clients. HIGHLY RECOMMEND !!!

Loving my experience at bikram yoga Naples! The teachers have been informative and inviting, and extremely helpful in guiding me through this new journey.

Love Bikram yoga Naples! Teachers are amazing and studio is fabulous:)

This is the best studio that I have ever practiced at!


The teachers are very welcoming and helpful. The classmates are wonderful and make you feel at home; absolutely no judgement or negativiety from anyone. I will definitely continued this yoga practice well past my groupon!

Greatest experience as always!


“Thank you for being so inspirational! You have opened your heart and studio to all of us!”  Namaste, Melissa

I wanted to thank you for always being an inspiration to many. You run your studio with integrity, love, and sincerity. Last week you got down on the floor and took the time to show us several postures. Thank You. You can hear directions daily but “seeing is believing” Thanks for being you.

“I wanted to let you know how grateful I am to you for being there for me. Thank you so much for opening up your heart to me. Your loving kindness continues to be a blessing in my life.

“I BELIVE that a simple and unassuming manner of life is best for everyone, best both for the body and the mind – Albert Einstein

Words can’t describe how much I love my yoga family! I am so thankful for finding you and your wonderful, amazing studio.”

“Our lives are brighter, happier, and so much more fun because of you.”

“We wanted to let you know that today is our last day in your Bikram studio in Naples. WE will keep on taking Bikram lessons in the studio in Switzerland. We have enjoyed our time here and will miss the team very much. Thank you for all the support, insights and help you provided us over the past 3 months. Thanks again for everything. ”

“You spread good deeds like flower seeds that blossom where you’ve been.”

“I just want to give you a big hug and thank you for allowing me to come back to yoga!! The most special part is how my life has changed in just a few sessions. I want you to know how great I feel to have balance in my heart again and that it was your welcoming arms embracing me that gave me this energy to continue.”

“Again, Let me state how appreciative I am toward you and your instructors. My experience at our studio has enhanced my yoga practice on several levels. Friday’s instructor alluded to Satchitananda’s “To Know your Self” which I have since purchased. Saturday’s Instructor led me to give a “shout out” to Darius, which led to our discussion regarding my right knee and my taking a more pro-active approach to it in the standing head-to-knee and standing Bow-pulling poses. Monday’s instructor led me to the Salt Cave and Himalayan Crystal Salt.”

“Our Source made each one of us creators, we create our thoughts, our words, and our actions define who we are.”

“Several years ago a young woman had a thought. Through hard work, persistence, kindness, generosity, and the bewildering workings of chance and time this thought became Bikram Yoga Naples. May Source continue to bless you and heal you in the bloom of each….present….moment within which, as in you Jennette, the possibilities are Limitless.”

“We may only know each other for a short period of time but I feel I share a special bond w/ each on e of you. Thank you for your encouragement and for always pushing me a little harder. I appreciate each and every one of you lovely instructors and look forward to many years of practicing yoga together!”

“You Shod do yoga! I “heart” Yoga. Yoga is my dream. I would like to do Bikram Yoga. Yoga is very good for you. You Stretch, bres, and reuse. I’m two I won’t decided what I’m goging to do. I think I’m doing yoga today. The end. “heart” – Kate (6years old)

“I never thought I would find any other exercise that would challenge me as much as running. Bikram Yoga is the most challenging practice, physically and spiritually that I have ever done. The Mental and physical benefits are indescribable. I haven’t run since finding Bikram Yoga Naples. I have found my only practice. Thank You!”

“My name is Behzad. When I first came to Jennette I weighted 155lbs and had pain in my left hip, knee, and ankle and right shoulder. On top of that my entire back was out of line. After a month and a half all of these ailments have almost completely vanished. My back acne has cleared up; I lost 15lbs and 2 inches off my waist. This was due to coming to class 6 days a week. Bikram Yoga is the best thing that has ever happened to me”

“I’ve done the 60-day and I don’t know how to describe the change in my life, soul body. It changes too much my life and by now my reality is a new reality. I changed my point of view, my mind and my path. That’s it. Bikram Yoga changed my path.”